Think it should be easier to get an appointment with a doctor? We do too. 

Our cloud-based platform helps organizations thrive in today's consumer-driven healthcare market. We help you see more patients, reduce costs, and delight customers.


Are you using 100% of your schedule?

Patient access is a challenge for most large provider groups. Despite long wait times, 10-30% of physician slots go unfilled due to suboptimally designed templates, inadequate load balancing, no-shows, cancellations, scheduling errors and incomplete referrals. Moreover, rudimentary estimates of appointment time are inaccurate, driving up wait times and increasing provider stress.

Operating 100%

Stop "guestimating".

Start optimizing.

DASH (Dynamic Appointment Scheduling for Healthcare) is a patent-pending, cloud-based software platform that helps large provider groups optimizes ambulatory capacity utilization and efficiently balance supply and demand. By leveraging predictive analytics, sophisticated optimization, and advanced automation, DASH improves access, reduces operating costs, eliminates errors and ensures happier patients and providers.

Radix has helped us streamline the scheduling process, reduce scheduling costs, and optimize access for our patients.

- Jana Baker, Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates

Our Products


DASH quickly matches patients with the right provider at the right location at the right time for the right duration


The most sophisticated provider search and scheduling software on the market. Schedule appointments with any provider 24/7.


A groundbreaking patient relationship management platform that automates communication to engage patients.


DASH quickly matches patients with the right provider at the right location at the right time for the right duration. Our data-driven approach to scheduling makes maximizes utilization, and eliminates scheduling errors.

Say goodbye to calendars. Guided scheduling, rules-based scheduling enables physicians to have control over their schedules while maximizing continuity and load-balancing across the network. Makes centralized scheduling a cinch.

Coordinated care just got easier. Book multiple resource with a single click.

No shows got you down? DASH predicts who won't show up to enable you to intelligently overbook and maximize access.

Automate waitlists, bumps and recalls. DASH intelligently texts patients so that patients can book an appointment without your staff getting involved.

Identify expertise without asking doctors. We map historical billing data to over 6,000 conditions and procedures and over 40,000 keywords, making it easy to search for the right doctor. 

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"DASH has really improved patient access. By intelligently overbooking certain slots, we can get patients in to see their providers sooner. We use to keep a list of new people wanting an appointment with us and in any given month we had well over 200 individuals we could not accommodate. After 3 months on Dash this number has been reduced to ZERO!  Now every person that calls our call center has been able to get an appointment within two weeks.  This is AMAZING! "

Kemi Alli, MD, Chief Executive Officer
Henry J. Austin Health Center



The most sophisticated provider search and online scheduling software on the market. Schedule appointments with any provider 24/7.

Real-time integration. Use actual inventory rather than "blocked appointments". Our robust rules engine steers patients toward the right provider at the right location for the right duration, maximizing capacity utilization while reducing delays in care.

No sign-in required. New and existing patients can quickly schedule appointment without having to remember usernames and passwords. 

Real-time eligibility verification. Eliminate the risk of duplicate accounts or surprises for the patient on the day of the visit.
White-label product. Patients never leave your site, creating a true digital front door for your practice.


The Radix team has been great to work with. They walked us step-by-step through the process and tailored the solution to meet our needs. Through their partnership we've been able to transform our scheduling operations.

Jeff Goldberg, Chief Operating Officer
Resurgens Orthopaedics



A groundbreaking patient relationship management platform that automates communication to engage patients. Customized appointment reminders, targeted outreach, and surveys help improve patient experience.

Unlimited appointment reminders. Messaging via email, SMS and voice following customizable, evidence-based protocols.

Actionable reminders.  AI-enabled chat empowers patients to confirm, cancel or even reschedule appointments, 24/7 without any human intervention.

On-demand messaging. Let patients know about important updates.

Automated population health outreach. Fill gaps in care. Patients can easily schedule needed services.


"DASH's ability to automatically schedule waitlisted patients has been like magic. Patients are able to see their physicians sooner and doctors' schedules are better utilized."

Kevin Deter, Chief Operating Officer
Peachtree Orthopedics



Athena Health
Greenway Health
Nextgen Healthcare

Case Study

 Learn how DASH is helping one of the largest GI groups in the country reduce  call times by 30%, improve provider utilization by 2.7% and eliminate scheduling errors. 

White paper

Rethinking Patient Access: 7 Ways Provider Groups Can Redesign Their "Front Door" to Create a Competitive Advantage

2018 Patient Access and Engagement Survey

Interested in how medical group executives from around the country are approaching patient engagement and access?  We found out.

Dash features

Schedule Optimization

Proactively identify mismatches in supply and demand. Optimize template design and resource allocation.

Intelligent, Guided Scheduling

Quickly identify the best provider and appointment for each patient, load balancing across the network. Easily coordinate multiple appointments and services. Smart overbooking based on no-show risk maximizes capacity utilization.

Patient Self-Scheduling

Patients can book online following the same rules as schedulers. Integrated eligibility verification ensures no surprises for patients or providers.

Predict No-Shows

We use machine-learning to figure out who is likely to no-show giving you the ability to intelligently double-book slots, maximizing access while minimizing operational headaches.

Patient Reminders

Patients receive customizable, multi-channel, multi-lingual reminders on their mobile devices. Patients can easily confirm or cancel appointments or fill out pre- or post-visit surveys and forms.

Automated Wait-List

Easily fill cancellations through automated waitlists. Patients can accept an earlier appointment without picking up the phone.

Seamless integration

DASH is a decision layer on top of your existing EHR/PM. We partner with leading EHR/PM vendors and can easily integrate with most systems.

Intuitive Messaging

We use AI-bots to communicate with patients in intuitive ways. Our approach increases patient engagement and reduces administrative work.

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