Resurgens Orthopaedics Activates Patient Online Scheduling

ATLANTA, Georgia, January 23, 2019. Radix Health, Inc., provider of cutting edge patient access technologies, today announced that it has successfully completed the launch of Radix Health’s DASH platform, its cloud-based patient access and patient experience solution, across the Resurgens Orthopaedics network in Atlanta, Georgia.

Radix Health’s DASH solution helps providers at medical groups, health centers, and hospitals across the United States deliver a frictionless patient experience. Resurgens Orthopaedics elected to implement DASH, DASHconnect, and DASHself to empower patients to schedule their own appointments and enable more effective patient communication while seamlessly accommodating provider preferences.

“We wanted to create a patient-centered digital front door that gives our patients the freedom to not only choose their own physicians and appointment schedules, but lets them do it at 3 a.m. if that is what is most convenient” said Dr. Douglas Lundy, co-president of Resurgens Orthopaedics. “This new technology streamlines communication and empowers patients and physicians to seamlessly align their calendars.”

“The implementation of the DASH technology has made us more operationally efficient” said Dr. John Gleason, Resurgens Orthopaedics co-president. “That means our doctors and staff have more time to spend on delivering exceptional patient care, which is our top priority as a Practice.”

"We are pleased to bring on Resurgens Orthopaedics to our rapidly growing client base. We appreciate their commitment to providing excellent, innovative, patient-focused and comprehensive orthopaedic care to the greater Atlanta community. DASH was built with the vision of supporting such transformational projects," stated Dr. Arun Mohan, Chief Executive Officer, Radix Health. "We know that providers want to see their patients, faster, and our team at Radix Health is focused on making the relationship between patients and their care team frictionless."

About Resurgens Orthopaedics

Resurgens Orthopaedics, one of the nation’s largest orthopaedic practices, has 24 offices throughout metro Atlanta, serving the residents of Georgia, the Southeast and beyond. Resurgens Orthopaedics provides comprehensive operative and non-operative musculoskeletal care in a single location, from injury diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation and imaging services. With more than 100 physicians, Resurgens Orthopaedics provides specialized expertise and broad experience in the areas of sports medicine, joint replacement, neck and back surgery, foot and ankle surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery, non-operative spine care, hand surgery, arthroscopic surgery, epidural steroid injection, general orthopaedics and trauma care. To learn more, please visit or on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.

About Radix Health

Radix Health is a technology company that believes that patient experience starts with patient access. Our data-driven solutions align provider supply with patient demand, maximizing existing capacity and reducing delays in care. We help leading medical groups to optimize every step of a patient’s appointment journey - from alerting patients to needed care, helping them find the right provider, scheduling an appointment across multiple channels, and engaging with patients until the day of their visit. We take the busy work out of getting patients in the door so you can focus on the hard work of keeping them healthy. To learn more, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.