Dash helps you:

  • Improve Access
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Reduce Delays in Care
  • Eliminate Scheduling Errors

DASH uses data to help optimize provider templates and resource allocation. Our scheduling software quickly identifies the best appointment across your providers, making it easy to load balance across the network and find easy-to-miss slots. DASH uses logistic regression models to overbook patients at high risk of no-show to ensure your group is running at full capacity. When patients do cancel, the system automatically texts wait-listed patients as soon as slots become available. Patients can sign-up for an appointment without your staff picking up the phone. Practices using DASH can expect 3-8% more filled slots, meaning better access and higher revenue.

DASH integrates provider preferences and uses guided scheduling to improve ease of use. As a result, DASH reduces the time to book an appointment by as much as 40%. Automated fulfillment of cancellations and recalls means less work for your staff. Even allow patients to self-schedule following the same rules your schedulers do to create a new channel for patient access while further reducing cost.

DASH uses guided scheduling and advanced automation to help patients get appointments more quickly. Analytics gives managers real-time visibility into mismatches between supply and demand, helping practices take full advantage of existing capacity.

DASH applies intelligent rules to match patients with the right provider every time. DASH eliminates wasted visits due to poorly matched clinical needs, insurance coverage, geographic location, or personal preferences.