DASH matches patients with the right provider at the right location at the right time for the right duration. Our data-driven approach to scheduling makes scheduling blazing fast, maximizes utilization, and eliminates scheduling errors.

Activate intelligent scheduling 
Rules-based scheduling enables physicians to have control over their schedules while maximizing continuity and load-balancing across the network.

Enable coordinated care
Book multiple resource with a single click.

Predict no-shows fill last minute cancellations
DASH predicts who won’t show up while automating key scheduling workflows such as waitlist management. Patients are alerted to open slots and can book on their phone without having to call.


The most sophisticated provider search and online scheduling software on the market. Schedule appointments with any provider 24/7.

Network Load-balancing
Steer patients toward the right provider at the right location for the right duration, maximizing capacity utilization while reducing delays in care.

No additional sign-in
No sign-in required. New and existing patients can quickly schedule an appointment without having to remember usernames and passwords. Patients are able to comply with the same scheduling protocols that schedulers do, no matter how complex.

Proactive revenue cycle management
Integrated fuzzy search and real-time eligibility verification eliminate the risk of duplicate accounts or surprises for the patient or practice on the day of the visit.
Enhanced consumer experience
As a white-label product, the branding and messaging is consistent with that of the rest of your website, so patients face a seamless experience.


A groundbreaking patient relationship management platform that automates communication to engage patients. Customized appointment reminders, targeted outreach, and surveys help improve patient experience.

Unlimited, actionable reminders
Multi-channel messaging following customizable, evidence-based protocols. AI-enabled chat empowers patients to confirm, cancel or even reschedule appointments.

Automate referrals
Streamline the referral process and reduce leakage by inviting patients to book needed appointments.

On-demand messaging
Let patients know about important updates.

Simplified pop health outreach
Fill gaps in care. Patients can easily schedule needed services without staff involvement.

Radix Health DASHin Screenshot


A check-in solution for today's mobile world. Patients can check-in for appointments, sign required forms and even pay patients balances, all from the comfort of their home. A truly frictionless check-in experience. 

White-labeled product
Maintain consistency in your patient experience

Customizable forms and questions
Collect information before a visit begins, and survey results after a visit ends

Say goodbye to paper
Patients can sign required forms electronically 

Get paid
Patients can easily pay co-pays or outstanding balances.