DASH is the air-traffic controller for your practice or health system. Its data-driven approach to scheduling optimizes capacity utilization, improves scheduling efficiency, and eliminates scheduling errors. Here’s how:

Match providers to the right patients.

Enable access center agents to identify expertise across the network so they can quickly book appointments with the right providers. DASH maps over 3,000 conditions and 9,000 keywords to match reasons why patients might seek an appointment with providers that specialize in that kind of care.

Intelligent, guided scheduling.

DASH takes the rules from your binders, wikis, and post-it notes, and codifies them into a guided scheduling system so it is standardized across your access center. Customized triage questions to identify the right acuity, provider, or level of service. DASH even accommodates provider preferences - no matter how complex. This means that agents can be trained faster and any agent can support any provider; when trained, agents are more efficient on calls which reduces hold and handle times and improves patient access.


Optimize your schedule.

DASH brings industrial engineering know-how to get more out of your schedule. Set rules for when inventory becomes available or disappears so that providers can be matched with the right patients and their schedules stay full. Set counts by clinic session or day rather than blocking off slots. Enable more open templates while honoring physician preferences, DASH boosts access and keeps your providers happy.

Coordinate care.

Book multiple providers and/or resources at the same time following pre-set rules. That means coordinated care happens more easily and reliably.


Schedule multiple appointments in a single click.

Our sequential scheduling features enables a user to book a series of appointments, such as for physical therapy, in one go. Save valuable staff time at check out.

Predict No-Shows.

DASH predicts who likely won't show up for an appointment so you can double-book those slots and mitigate the impact of no-shows.
DASH enables users to set thresholds for double-booking at the provider and location level, which means no one-size fits all solution.Book multiple providers and/or resources at the same time following pre-set rules. That means coordinated care happens more easily and reliably.


Automate waitlists.

Fill up last-minute cancellations by offering them to patients in your waiting list, without the access center having to make a single call. DASH simply sends patients a text message or automated voice call. Patients can respond and the earlier appointment is automatically booked.

Load balance across your network.

DASH gives you visibility into provider availability across your network.
Opportunistically direct patients to locations with lower volume where they may receive care faster and ensure new patients are allocated fairly to your physicians.


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