For health systems and large medical groups with digital prowess, a passion to innovate, and a commitment to consumerism, off-the-shelf solutions aren’t enough. That’s why DASH supports enterprise customers in a manner that gives you control of the patient experience you are trying to deliver.

API First

DASH is built with an API-first approach, even for modules within the DASH platform, which allows us to give your digital teams more control and ownership of the patient experience by embedding DASH functionality as a part of the patient journeys that you are creating.

Manage Provider Data

DASH provides a single source of truth for provider data. Designed to create a physician directory, this platform ingests data from multiple sources - EHR, credentialing, and marketing - while simultaneously accounting for specific profile elements to power scheduling requirements and to enable an accurate patient-provider match each time.


Support Provider Search

Create an accurate provider directory that enables internal stakeholders to have a complete view of the system, egnages physicians with an overview of their own information, and creates the foundation for marketing and physician outreach programs.

Customize Profile & Search Elements

Establish provider profile elements that support patient/provider matching on a multitude of searchable criteria - education, specialty, gender, ratings, etc. Additionally, using integrations with our partners, you can ensure that patients can view ratings from other sites without leaving yours.


Access Comprehensive Behavioral Analytics

By linking patient conversion metrics with your website data you can easily assess the impact of marketing Powerful reporting allows provider group insight to consumer behavior facilitates data-driven decision making.

Explore How DASH Can Transform Patient Access for Your Organization